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Therapeutic Music CD
Diaym Terra is a joint creation by Aymeric Blanc Schenrey and Didier Rauzy, in homage to the five primordial elements and the devas of nature. Diaym Terra is therapeutic, relaxing, meditational music, recorded on the so-called natural frequency of A=432 Hz. The particularity of this frequency is the perfect resonance with the cosmos and the elements of nature. The A=432 Hz is known to be the frequency of healing and wellbeing, which allows one to journey to the inner depths of one’s being. Diaym Terra is a creation of sounds designed for meditation and Shamanic journeying, for musical waking dreams…

The high vibrational resonance of the sacred sounds usher consciousness into a modified state and help the listener reach a state of overall harmony. This is an opportunity to enjoy the music of consciousness at home and practice A=432 Hz meditation without constraint, serenely enjoying a tour of your inner self.

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