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6 jours de voyage initiatique à 360€

Till 31 December

mailing_broceliande-typeIn the heart of the Forest of Broceliande

A land of legends and learning…

Awake to the equinox in the land of the Celts and honour the balance they knew how to revere

A 6–day initiatory journey where we will go in search of the wisdom and teaching of Broceliande at its wondrous Druidic sites. And live in full consciousness the passing of the season of Lughnasadh and the coming of Mabon.

Mabon is the second equinox of the year, the moment when day and night are of equal length. The energy this brings is that of balance, of just and measured movement, action, word, and thought…

The son will soon take up his place

The festival of Mabon marks the harvest of the fruits provided by Earth Mother, the Eternal Goddess entering her third term of pregnancy. Mabon means ‘Son’ in Gaelic. The Goddess is expecting, and the Son in her womb is the son who will soon take up his place beside her – the place his father, the Holly King, filled before him. Mother Earth’s belly is full and round; she is generous and offers us her most luscious fruits.

At the very moment the goddess lavishes us with gifts, she retires to her haven of rest (for the next six months nature will be dormant). The aura of Mabon extends well beyond our own calendar, and she appears in legends a-plenty.

Providence of Mabon

The festivities of this season highlight its importance. We go from the providence of Mabon to the boisterous celebration of the vine and wine producing, then Oriental pageantry in mid- autumn (the most popular pageantry after the Chinese New Year).

Autumn is the season of bringing in of the crops, of joy and abundance at table, and is the precursor of the end-of- year celebrations where we bid good-bye to the Old year and welcome in the New.

It does not matter where on this beautiful planet of ours we happen to be, the autumn equinox is an important moment of transition and at the same time an expression of the balance of nature. The length of day becomes equal to night. The crops are brought in, grapes harvested, food stored for winter. Give thanks for this abundance! It is also the time to think about what we need to let go, and what we wish to bring into our lives. A time to pay tribute to the visible and invisible worlds, to leave the past where it belongs.

Celebrating the Equinox

voyage-initiatique-broceliande-bouleIn the Shaman wheel, the equinox is the time for finding wisdom and truth. Nature is preparing for her winter sleep. We learn to draw inwards, to reflect, and to rest in order to preserve our strength and energy. At the same time we go into the sign of Libra, a symbolic representation of these harmonious ideals.

Our ancestors always celebrated the equinox with a great gathering. Together, we create a resonant field that is a powerful force for change and healing.

It is also a celebration that invites thought and meditation on the actions we have sown during the course of the year.

Mabon announces the coming of autumn and the bringing home of the last of the harvest; the moment has come to finish the things that we have been begun. It is a time for soul-searching, looking inwards, meditation. And a very rich doorway when this is done with full consciousness…

Some magical moments in Broceliande:

We have the great fortune to be accompanied by the celebrated guardian of Celtic legends and tales of bygone days, himself a legend, the musician and storyteller OZEGAN!



Cost of offer (exclusive of lodging): book before 21 June, and you can enjoy a 6-day break for only 360 euros – an exceptionally good deal, which will surprise you all the more when you see the quality that awaits you! Board and lodging at your own cost (not included in the offer). Lunch: Crêperie (savoury and sweet pancake restaurant), details dependent on daily programme. (Budget for around €10 – €13 per meal.)

Booking: (offer and lodging) by email at the following address:

collectifquantaum@gmail.com, or by telephone: +33(0) 650 007 108.

For practical reasons and in the interests of all, bookings must be made before 15 August 2016, and a deposit of 30% made at time of booking to reserve your place.

No reimbursement will be possible after 01 September 2016. Internet sites that may interest you:

  • Ozegan the Storyteller: www.ozegan.com
  • We look forward to seeing you soon!

Amelle and Aymeric BLANC