Lithotherapy Session
Lithotherapy Session

The word lithotherapy comes from the Greek words ‘lithos’ (stone) and ‘therapeia’ (healing). It refers to the art of treating disorders using the properties of stones.

The Atlanteans, the Egyptians, the Mayas, the Amerindians, the people of Tibet and Ancient China, not to mention our own Druids and any number of other peoples upon Earth have used, and use still, the sciences of the mineral realm.

These people were (in some cases, are) guardians of the knowledge and wisdom pertaining to the curative properties of stones and the positive effects these have on humans and the environment.

So-called ‘alternative’ medicine (non-invasive and extraordinarily efficient) has been used since time immemorial to give relief, restore equilibrium, favour meditation… It recognises the tremendous energy of stones and power to bring equilibrium and harmony to an organism.

Stones are terrestrial representatives of cosmic and telluric energies. In other words, have a real bond with the different forces in the universe (elements and elementals, the stars, the sacred geometries of creation…).

They contain powerful energies that they pass on to any who know how to use them with wisdom and respect. Lithotherapy is an ancestral art, that enables the valuable powers of stones to establish equilibrium between body, soul and spirit.

This ancient science helps us physically, but also psychologically and spiritually by freeing up emotional blocks and increasing awareness. Lithotherapy acts fast and has only positive side-effects! It works for everyone, children, adults, animals, plants and even habitat. The specific energy of a particular stone stems from its chemical composition, colour, geometrical shape, and where it comes from.

Stones act on both our physical and subtle bodies, and are very effective at harmonising, among other things, our chakras (our energy centres), since we are ‘whole’, and crystals are directly related to the energy embodied in the Universal Whole.

From the macrocosm to the microcosm, all that surrounds us is vibration. Minerals are formed deep in the earth by a powerful alchemy of the forces of nature and therefore are, of their very essence, highly vibrational. Their curative powers work on every cell of our bodies down to the smallest.

Some stones have a calming effect (aquamarine, rose quartz…), others stimulate (ruby, fire opal…), while still others have a strengthening or protective effect (black tourmaline or obsidian…). Just wearing or carrying a stone is enough benefit from its marvellous properties.

Lithotherapy is a holistic approach to health.

It considers the person as a whole. Evidence left behind by past civilisations shows that the unified body-soul- spirit approach to treatment has always gone hand in hand with the use of minerals.

Their use can also be a path towards personal development.

By entering into communion with the mineral world, I bring you to a place where you can release your negative emotions, have room for full expression of your positivity, get beyond past limitations and enter into the full expansion of your Being, transmute your fears so as to live the natural state of love and confidence that wants to inhabit your every cell, relieve the discomforts, large and small, of daily routine (stress, migraines, insomnia, tiredness, PMT, depression, etc.) and find the happy equilibrium you deserve.

The lithotherapy sessions are as much about bringing you to a state of inner calm and serenity as unleashing the powers of self-healing the body has dormant within it. The benefits are numerous, each with its own broad sphere of action.

These benefits are just as noticeable in children as in adults (for example, a hyperactive child achieves a natural state of calm and learns to be more centred, while an introverted child gains in self-assurance).