AQUATIC QUANTUM SOUND THERAPY: Multidimensional Journey in Water

Come and live a veritable waking dream

In the consciousness of sacred waters, and the warmth of a heated pool

Experience the sacred sounds of an aquatic matrix at 432 Hz, the frequency of Nature


Recent studies, such as those of the late Dr Emoto, have proven beyond doubt that water is living. That water memorises information, and that its vibrational frequency can be extremely high if it is correctly energized.

The water in our Quantum pool has been enriched with sacred waters from sources around the world: from the Bosnian Pyramids, from Chalice Well in Glastonbury, from the seas and oceans, from Amma, from Lourdes…


The sacred sounds that we project into the water create sacred geometries that imbue it with positive energies. The notable feature of 432 Hz is that it is completely in harmony with our energy system (the chakras, nadis and meridians). Certain vibrational frequencies have a healing effect and act directly upon the metabolism. In fact, every molecule of the body, from the nervous system to the white blood cells, even our DNA, is positively affected by the synergy between sound waves and ‘conscious’ water (an element that is supremely conductive). In addition, we project into the water rainbow-coloured light, reinforcing the quantum vibrational properties of the water with the benefits of chromotherapy.


We all carry in our bodies negative cellular memories from generations of ancestors, as well as from experiences of our own past, not to mention gestational memories. The quantum  therapy we offer engenders a profound cleansing of the body’s cells, since we are almost 80% water. The vibrations of the sacred sounds re-inform each cell. All the bodily fluids, in fact, reciprocate and enter into resonance with the water in the quantum pool.


This process creates modified states of consciousness that will lead to overall harmony, and emotional, energetic, and cellular healing.

This therapy will be an unforgettable experience, the effects of which will endure in the cells of your being.