• Solstice d'été
  • Beltaine

In the heart of the Forest of Broceliande

A land of legends and learning…

Come and experience in consciousness the return of light, Beltane:


From 27 April to 02 May inclusive.

Six spellbound days in the heart of this mythical forest, and a chance to rediscover the reality of enchantment on paths rich with legend, in harmony with the elements of nature, in simplicity and respect, in communion with Self, with moments of meditation, of waking dreams (multidimensional meditations to the sound of crystal bowls and didgeridoo, waterphone, Taoist bowl, sacred chants)… moments of awakening, of reawakening of the Sacred Feminine, and of that most ancient and beloved art of Storytelling (heartfelt thanks to our Troubadour Brother, Ozegan!)

In this state of consciousness we make our way to sacred places, rich in instruction, such as the Tréhorenteuc church (dedicated to the Holy Grail), the Mirror of the Fairies (Miroir aux Fées), the Fountain of Barenton, Merlin’s tomb, the House of Vivian (Hôtié de Viviane), the Fountain of Youth (Fontaine de Jouvence), and many other sites of initiation, some well- known, others less so… A rich programme to ensure the conscious experience of the special energy of the renewal of Light, Beltane. ‘Bel’ means ‘light’; ‘tane’ means ‘fire’. Beltane incarnates the re-emergence of the period filled with light, the renewal of nature, the forces of fecundity and regeneration.

It is the most favourable period for rites of passage between obscurity and light, between symbolic psychic death and spiritual rebirth. The ‘fire of Bel’ (Belmos) is said to be a beneficial fire of purification that the druids conjured by their magic and incantations. The Fire of Beltane is powerful, sacred and vigorous.

Beltane is also a celebration of love through the symbolic union of the Goddess Mother and the Deer God, the god BEL of the Celts, commonly known as Belenos. Beltane is therefore representative of balance between our feminine and masculine polarities, through the celestial union. Legendary anecdote: according to the Ancients, during the night of the first of May, people would avoid places frequented by fairies and other Little Folk, because the veil between their world and ours is thinner on the night of Beltane.